Bone Tools

Spear Thrower
Bone Spear Thrower

About 45,000 years ago Cro Magnon developed blades and spear-throwers with a considerably greater range, velocity and penetration. Hunters could now kill large animals from a longer, much safer, distance. With these new inventions, population densities rose in some areas, with much more contact between neighbors. Hunting technologies were quite possibly shared between groups, and so methods and tools evolved rapidly as human migrations followed reindeer and bison.

Bone Tools

Over this period our ancestors invented burins to help make tools from antlers, such as bone spears and harpoons that were often beautifully engraved and carved.

They crafted small bone needles from which to fashion vital, multilayered clothing for insulation and to survive the extreme temperature fluctuations.

Ornamentation symbols of kinships, status and collective identity have been found from this period.

Burin caréné
Burin: a type of stone tool used for
carving or engraving on wood or bone.

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